Contact the Pine Island EDA director for
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Nate Carlson

EDA Executive Director

(507) 356-8103

EDA Board Members:

Two City Council members and 5 business community members are appointed by the City Council. Members of the EDA board serve as unpaid volunteers for three-year terms.


Front:Leonard Broich, Rick Keane, Councilman Randy Bates

Back:Troy Kuball, Mike Kaye, Mayor Rod Steele, Jason Andrist


Leonard Broich

33 years in IBM Management & 17 years private consulting


(507) 358-0853†††† Appointment:EDA Personnel Committee

Term Ends:


Dec 2018

Vice President

Troy Kuball

Owner/manager of Pine Island Hardware Hank for 19 years


(507) 356-4431††† Appointment:EDA Loan Committee

Dec 2016


Rod Steele

Mayor of Pine Island; Residential & Commercial Realtor since 1990


(507) 250-0846†††††† Appointment:EDA Budget Committee

Serves as Mayor


Michael Kaye

Co-owner of Pahl and Kaye Construction since 1999


(507) 208-1665†††††† Appointment:EDA Budget Committee

Dec 2017

Board Members

Jason Andrist

Owner/manager of Birdís Auto Repair for 7 years


(507) 356-8188†††††††††† Appointment:EDA Loan Committee

Dec 2017

Richard Keane


General Manager of Pine Island Telephone Company for 34 years


(507) 356-4444††† Appointment:EDA Personnel Committee

Dec 2016

Joel Knox

Pine Island City Council; Executive Chef-Double Tree Hotel, Rochester
(507) 356-2878†††††† Appointment:EDA Loan Committee

Serves as Council Member

Pine Island EDA

106 2nd Street SW
PO Box 727
Pine Island, MN 55963



1st Wed of month

at 5:00 p.m.